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The Lithuanian Knife Association has been founded in 2008 to consolidate knifemakers, collectors, sellers and other persons, whose activity related with knives, for joint resolution of problems in their activity.

The association is a limited liability public legal entity, the purpose of which is to co-ordinate activity of members of the association, to represent and defend their interests, and also to meet other public interests. (See more...)

Knife fans' club "Steel edge"




The knife is a tool with a handle and blade for cutting.

This is a definition of a knife in the dictionary of modern Lithuanian language. But knives differ a lot. And their design seems simple only at first sight. So, "who is who" in the world of knives? (See more...)


Such is the vital truth that many people associate knives with weapons.

But under the laws of Lithuania, knives are not weapons and the civil circulation of knives is not limited.

The Government authorised committee has established that fillet, tourist, hunting, fighting, survival knives are not ranked as weapons. Needless to say that household knives are not ascribed to weapons either.

There is one exception - throwing knives. These sports knives, as well as all longblades, i.e. sabers, swords, bayonets, stilettos are ranked as edged weapons of "D" category.

Persons over 18 years are entitled to purchase legally the edged weapons of "D" category upon providing their ID to the trading enterprise.

Carrying the edged weapons of "D" category is prohibited.




It is necessary to know that in civil turnover stubbing or cutting edged weapons with automatically deployed blade or automatically unclasping blade are forbidden if they meet any of the following criteria:

1) automatically deployed or automatically unclasping blade is longer than 8,5 cm;

2) width of the blade is less than 14% of its length;

3) the blade is sharpened on both sides.

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